Magnetic Strips

We offer colored, adhesive, and non-adhesive magnetic strips to assist with all of your visual communication needs.

The Colored Magnetic Strips give you the flexibility to update and move data easily. You can purchase the colored strips in pre-cut sizes, as a roll, or in bulk as pre-cut sizes. You can effortlessly write on this surface using water soluble markers and wipe it off with a damp cloth.

The Adhesive Magnetic Strips can convert non-magnetic visuals into movable magnetic displays. The adhesive sticks to paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, or metal. The magnetic side clings to any steel surface. Ideal for signs, displays, artwork, posters, logos, and magnetic business cards. Custom adhesives are available for special applications (acrylic, rubber base, or foam).

The Non-Adhesive Magnetic Strips are secure yet movable tags for steel surfaces. Ideal for use with embossed tape or pressure sensitive labels. These flexible strips are easily cut to length with scissors or a paper cutter. Available in three thicknesses, four widths, four lengths, and bulk rolls. Rolls can be scored for quick and easy handling. Ideal for use on steel shelves, file cabinets, drawers, machines, trays, doors, racks, and vehicles.

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